Working together to keep households safe and warm

Your support can help those in fuel poverty

The ongoing support we receive enables us to continue providing energy advice and information projects to households who are most at risk.

Through generous funding, expertise, volunteers and donations, we’re tackling the fuel poverty crisis one step at a time.

Why work with us?

Aligned with your mission

We’ll work with you to determine where you’d like your support to go, and will deliver this accordingly. All can be backed up with evaluations and monitoring.

We're stronger together

Through our expertise and connections, we can deliver the support to clients you may otherwise not have the time, knowledge or resources for.

Benefit those most in need

We’re engaged with households and clients that you may find harder to reach and are aware of the risks and challenges they’re facing.

How can you support us?

Together with your generosity, we can continue to develop and expand the ways in which we communicate with vulnerable households and deliver our work.

Our projects can be supported in a variety of ways, including: funding, donations (small appliances, energy saving products etc.), expertise (business support), volunteers and venue spaces.

To discuss the levels of support your organisation can provide, please get in touch with our team.

We're proud to be working with

We’re here to help. If you’re aware of a household facing difficult choices about their energy supply, please get in touch.