Mental Health Awareness Course

We look at common and severe mental health conditions, considering causes, coping mechanisms and more.

We take a look at common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety and more severe ones such as psychosis, schizophrenia, personality disorder and bi-polar disorder. This training day also considers causes, coping mechanisms and helping people in distress.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for frontline workers, such as teachers, support staff, youth workers, housing staff and volunteers. It does not assume any prior knowledge of mental health issues.

What will you learn?

This one-day course provides an opportunity to consider:

  • What is Mental Illness?
  • Myths and facts; the impact of stigma and past experiences
  • Overview of the major mental health problems and issues of dual-diagnosis affecting young people and adults – signs and symptoms 
  • Services available – Who to contact and work with when you are concerned.
  • Good practice in communicating with those with a mental health problem and those who exhibit challenging behaviour such as self-harm, delusional thoughts and suicide threats, identifying and managing triggers and risks to staff and others.

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