Are you struggling with your water bill?

If you’re struggling with your bills, your water company may be able to help.

Water companies recognise that sometimes people can struggle to pay their bills and may fall into debt. If this happens to you, your water company can help.

Below is a list of help that water companies can offer, but not all companies offer every scheme or plan. Contact your water company to explain your situation and they will be able to tell you what help they can provide. 

Reduced bills or social tariffs 

Water companies can offer some customers a lower bill if they are on a low income. Each company operates its own scheme with different qualifying criteria. Contact your water company or find out more. 

Flexible payment plans 

Water companies can offer flexible payment plans (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and in some cases can offer ‘payment holidays’ to help customers through short term financial difficulties. Contact your water company directly to discuss available options. 


This is available to customers in receipt of income related benefits who have a water meter, and either a large family or a member of the household with a medical condition that requires a significant use of water. The water and sewerage bill is capped at the cost of their company’s average household bill. 

Contact your water company today. Look at you latest bill for ways to contact your water company.